Happy New Year

With the New Year upon us, I want to let you know that we begin DON GIOVANNI rehearsals with our extraordinary director and cast (click here) momentarily.

December was a very full month, what with the final performances of DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT, our French Embassy Concert at Washington's Maison Francaise, our NYC Annual auditions, and my International Opera Alliance (IOA) Masterclasses.

And we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!


Videos and Articles of particular interest that I recommend to you follow directly below:

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia where you can learn the basics of music enjoyably!

Be sure to watch the MET AUDITION PBS special January 20th at 9PM

This is a real lesson in vocal technique by one of the greatest recent Wagnerian singers Birgit Nilsson, singing Isolde's Liebestod in concert version with orchestra early in her stupendous career..Notice the calm, accurate way she negotiates the heavy demands of this final Love-Death aria of Isolde which closes TRISTAN UND ISOLDE. All her physical support is internally controlled without excessive heaving or huffing and puffing physically. You can see all of her accurate vocal placement adjustments for each note very clearly from the side view from about 5 minutes into the video. I recommend this to all of you who are interested in the very real skills that go into opera singing. No wonder she stayed strong while three Tristans bit the dust in that famous performance at the MET years ago (Dec 1959)!


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